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Mobile Security Threat Report

Sophos has done an excellent job of summarizing the past and current mobile malware threats in a report. They admit that it has only been in the past couple of years that mobile malware has become a true threat to end users. They now see more than 2,000 pieces of mobile malware every single day.

With mobile subscriptions worldwide totaling approximately 7 billion by the end of 2013, it is clear that mobile devices are rapidly replacing the personal computer at home and in the workplace.

Important key points from the report.

  1. Only install apps from trusted sources.

  2. Give users some type of VPN option to use when on WIFI since it is often inscure.

  3. The Device needs to be encrypted and you need to have a passcode set to “secure” your data

  4. Do not save your logon information to anything critical on a mobile device.

  5. Prevent Jail breaking/rooting as that opens devices up to lots of vulnerabilities.

  6. Keep devices operating systems up to date.

  7. Have a Policy and train your staff.

To read the full report go to:

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