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Backup and Recovery of Your Data:

There are many different options for backing up and storing your personal information, and Online backups are great in case of fire, tornado or another major disaster.

Backup Storage Options

  • Cloud-Based Backup: (Recommended) Things to consider include cost and location of storage as well as the security controls that the cloud provider has in place. Additionally, be aware that with cloud solutions, backups and recovery speeds are dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.

  • Latest reviews for personal backups can be found,2817,2288745,00.asp

  • I recommend CrashPlan from a security standpoint or SpiderOakONE if you have several systems you want to backup.

  • External Drive: If the hard drive on your computer fails, your backup files are still available to restore. To implement this solution, an additional device must be purchased and connected to your computer. If the external device is disconnected, your backup will not be performed as scheduled.

Developing a Backup Plan

Consider the following when developing a plan:

  • How important is the information on your systems or devices? For critical information, such as contact lists, email, financial transactions, or business related files, you may want to have redundant or cloud backup, (that is encrypted).

  • How often does the information change? The frequency of change can affect your decision on how often the information should be backed up. For example, critical information that changes daily should be backed up daily.

  • How quickly do you need to recover the information? Time is an important factor in creating a backup plan. For critical information, you may need to recover your information quickly.

  • What is the best time to schedule backups? Scheduling backups when system use is as low as possible (such as overnight) will speed the backup process.


Backing up data is futile if you cannot recover it. While automated backup strategies are usually efficient, it is a good idea to check your backup data periodically.

By using caution and following these tips, you can help secure your new computer or device, and protect your information. If you need help with a specific device email

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