Yahoo Breach (Change your Password)

December 16, 2016

“Yahoo has said more than one billion user accounts might have been affected by a hacking attack dating back to 2013.

The internet giant said it appeared separate from a 2014 breach disclosed in September when Yahoo revealed 500 million accounts had been accessed.

If you have a Yahoo account or use the same password at work that you used on a yahoo account, recommend you change it immediately.


Password Tips


It is important to not reuse the same password for multiple websites; use a password manager


instead.  Examples: (LastPass, KeePass, or other Password Manager)

  1. Make sure your mobile device has a 6-digit passcode enabled.

  2. Never use the same password for Social Networking sites and financial sites.

    1. For even greater security, use different usernames for financial sites.

  3.  Think in terms of passphrases. If your current password is something


    simple like ‘love,’ try something like ((Name of spouse, friend, or child)Loves2cook4Me:).

  4. Passphrases could be snippets of your favorite book or song, etc. The idea here is for longer passwords (More than 14 characters) with upper and lower-case characters.

    1. Adding characters that form smiley faces, etc., are a great way to make your password more secure.

    2. Put a number in the middle, not just on the end

  5. The best option is to use two-factor passwords, and many services offer this for free. For example, you can have Gmail text your phone when sign in with code (which you must enter after you type in your password), this requires someone to have to have access to your phone and password.

  6. Keep your passwords in a safe location, but never near your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Use a password manager application, such as LastPass, etc.

Test Your Passwords

Test your password strength by going to:

10 Worst Passwords

Make sure your password is not on the top 13 worst passwords.

  1. 123456

  2. password

  3. 12345678

  4. qwerty

  5. 12345

  6. 123456789

  7. football

  8. 1234

  9. 1234567

  10. baseball

  11. welcome

  12. 1234567890

  13. abc123

By using caution and following these tips, you can help secure your new computer or device, and protect your information.

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