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Identity Theft Prevention for Teens

Although you have grown up with the Internet, you may not always protect your personal information while you are online. As a result, you are at a high risk of identity theft. So, what can you do to protect your identity? Think about more than just today. Your posts, photos, and Internet usage may someday be used when you want a job or to get into some great program.

To protect your identity consider doing the following:

Use strong, unique passwords

Break the rules to safeguard passwords; “Lie” on Security Questions Do not use a real pet or mother maiden name make one up but be consistent so you do not forget.

Keep your SSN to yourself

Free online quizzes, surveys are profiling you and selling that information

Type links, do not click on links in email

Do not over share on social media (Post about your vacation after you are back!)

Do not share your passcode or mobile device

Using Public WiFi makes it very easy for someone to steal your information

Be wary when posting photos (Thieves can find a lot of information about you by what is in the background of your photos or your geolocation)

Disable geotagging on photos

Consider registering your domain name

Check your credit report

Shred your financial documents

By taking these steps, you can help protect your Identity now and in the future.

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