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School Technology Staff and Teacher Talks

On this page, we have some documents that contain useful information that you can use to help secure your school and protect your students.

Archive of Talks

If you would like a copy of any of the materials listed in any of the talks and presentations below please contact me.

FETC 2013

FETC Hacking Lab
Wireless and Mobile Hacks BYOD Security Risk Lab

Administrative Mobile Tools
Mobile Device Management Essentials
Effective Mobile Programs and Policies 
Is Your Network Safe? 
IT Security for a Mobile Workforce 
Smart Security for Small Businesses 
Eliminating the Risks of Social Media 
The 10 Commandments of BYOD

Wireless and Mobile Hacking Lab

Advanced Malware Exposed
Android Network Toolkit 
ARP Poison Detection 
CAPSA User Manual 
Capture Data and Passwords with SniffPass and SmartSniff
Cisco IT Remote Office Design Guide 
Crisis: The Advanced Malware
dSploit Introduction 
Five Trustworthy Password Recovery Tools 
Good Spyware Detection Tools 
Hacking Portable Apps 
How to Use Wireshark 
Key Risk Areas with Wireless Networks
Nmap Commands 
Nmap Security Lab 
Social Engineering Techniques 
SOPHOS Security Threat Report 
TCP Dump 
Top 5 Free Microsoft Tools for Active Directory Health 
Top 5 BYOD Crashes
Using Autoruns Startup Tool
Viper Safe 
Wireless Network Performance and Security Issues
Wireshark Lab
Turn Your Flash Drive into a Portable Privacy Toolkit 


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