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Teens and Texting

Texting first got popular back in 2003 with the show American Idol had the audience, or people watching text in their vote for the contestants. 

It is one of the main reasons a teenager gives for wanting to get a phone.

Texting in School

31% of students who bring their phone to class, text in class. 

65% of students that go to schools that entirely ban cell phones continue to bring their phone to school.

58% of teens from schools that forbid all phones have sent or received a text message while in school.

Approximately 65% of students that have cell phones have texted in class.


Most teachers say they cannot tell when a student is texting. Texting in class has evolved from keeping the phone under the desk to hiding it in your backpack and texting without even looking.

Teen Texting Graphic

Texting has become the number one most popular way for teenagers to connect with each other. Texting has passed instant messengers, voice calls, and email as a way teenagers get in touch with friends. Teenagers like to text one another more than call because texting rates are usually cheaper than minute plans, more people can be reached, lots of information can be shared with no talking and little time, and it saves time over leaving a voice mail.

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