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System Baselining

Here are the principal energy blockers I see in corporations and not-for-profits, startups and government agencies:

  • Fuzzy or missing strategy

  • Unaddressed conflict

  • Role confusion

  • Red tape bureaucracy

  • Slow processes requiring multiple approvals

  • Over-reliance on measurement and quantitative goals

  • Little to no conversation about culture, norms, energy, conflict or feelings

  • Inexperienced leaders

  • Little focus on experimentation, collaboration and innovation, and

  • Lack of praise, acknowledgment and information-sharing

Being a leader means diving into conversations about sticky topics, rather than dancing around them and taking the team out for ice cream instead. Strong leaders can talk about icky, sticky topics. Weak leaders can't.

We will help mentor the leaders and sort out a good path forward to help your team achieve its goals.

Holistic System Baselining is an integrated approach that treats the "whole" IT process, not simply technical issues and team dynamics.  Technical, policies, staff abilities and management are integrated and inseparable. Our holistic evaluation process will do more than just identify and treat a specific security gaps. We can help your team achieve sustainable improvements by looking at the entire system from technical through people. 

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