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Content from recent Personal Safety Presentations

On this page, there are resources for home users and specifically for parents for keeping their children safe online.

5 Steps to Removing Child Information

Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State. 2017 @ D.C.

Secure Your Digital Shadow PPT 

Digital Shadows Slides.pdf

CheckMe - Test your network vulnerability

Cyber Security for Journalists / Others in High-Risk pdf


Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State. 2016 @ D.C.
Border crossing mobile social media life-saving security tips PPT 
Collegedale Home and School  2015 @ CA
Secure Your Family's Social and Mobile Life
Protect Your Identity Online
Handout for Parents
Important Mobile safety guidelines
Academy Days 2015 @ GCA
Protect Your Identity Online
Handout for Parents
Your Family's Social and Mobile Life

Personal Safety Presentations Archives

If you would like a copy of any of the materials listed in any of the talks and presentations below please contact me.

Parent Safety Seminar (April 2013)

Spiritual, Social, Media & Mobile Devices
Social & Mobile Security
Parental Controls

Setup OPEN DNS FILTER Step by Step
Open DNS Setup


Mobile issues

AT&T Stay Connected, Stay Safe

AT&T Mobile Safety

AT&T Mobile Safety Study Findings

Mobile Safety Family Agreement

The Online Generation Gap

The Truth About Sexting

Top Five Myths of Safe Web Browsing

Pew Internet Research: Teens, Smartphones, and Texting

Best Parental Control Software for Mobile Devices


General Guidelines Resouce Information

Year in Online Safety 2012

Protecting Kids

Protecting Kids (Español)

Cyber Security Tips

Gaming Parent Handout 2010

Facebook Security Tips

Internet Addiction

Parent Control Cybersecurity Apps

Rules & Tools Checklist


Smartphone Safety

Social Networking Tips for Parents

Tips for Teens

Tween Tips 2011 



Bypass iPhone Lockscreen
iOS 5 Security Flaw
iOS 6 Lockscreen Bypass
Cellphone Tracking
Photo Fate
Survivor Diaries
Youtube Compilation

GCC Streaming and Wireless Workshop (Feb. 2013)

5 Photography Tips for Beginners
8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro 
Youtube Creator Playbook
HDMI Cameras 
HD-SDI Recommended Cameras 
Streaming Equipment List 
Checklist for streaming

Streaming 101 
Streaming - Camera and Lighting Basics 
Video Production
License - what you need 


How to Set Up a Network 
Open DNS Setup 
Why You Shouldn't Have an Open WiFi
WiFi Dos and Don'ts (Powerpoint)
OpenDNS Router Setup (Powerpoint) 

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