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A guide for Social Media Safety

Do parents over worry about you being snatched off the side of the road because of what you posted on social media? Most young adults think that will never happen to them, and most of the time, they are correct. But what does happen to all people who use social media? It is used by colleges, Graduate schools, future employers and even people you might want to date someday.

It’s not about telling you what you can and can’t do. It’s about offering guidelines to protect you from being ripped off, bullied, disrespected, scammed, or worse while you’re just trying to have a good time online.

Check Your Privacy Settings (default privacy settings will give your posts the most public exposure)

Important Privacy Setting Resource

Be Cautious of Friend Requests (Only accept Friend request from people you know)

Think Before You Post! (Philippians 4:8 will keep you out of trouble with future employers, colleges, and dates)

By taking these steps, you can protect your Identity now and in the future.

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