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Privacy and Mobile Device Security Tips:

Security recommendations for Your Mobile Step by Step

Recommended Privacy and Security Settings iPhone 10min Handout: Step by Step


Important privacy settings for Android 6min Handout: Step by Step

Mobile device best Practices:


How-to use Google Alerts to monitor your product/service 5min

Best Privacy aids for website browsing

Use Firefox Surfing the web

Add Blocker

Privacy Badger blocks invisible trackers

HTTPS everywhere force sites to be Secure

Use CCleaner when using shared PC

Digital Shadows: Prevent & Mitigate Increasingly Targeted Attacks

About the Data What is stored about you online by trackers:

Check yourself and Family out: put in phone and email addresses

Has your account been compromised in a data breach

Five simple steps

To take more control over your data

Great Free Digital Detox kit

Panopticlick tool that will tell if online trackers and the site itself may be able to identify you

Photo MetaData: What is hidden in your photos

What Google Knows about you

Check your Google add Foot Print

Check Google Location History

Set Google Boundaries

Set Google Alerts:

Google Privacy settings:

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