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These are important privacy settings in Android

Good Settings to protect your Privacy on Android Devices
Set a strong passcode (or password)

Go to Settings then Security, and go to Screen Lock.

On Samsung’s Go to Settings then Lock Screen,

Turn on device encryption

Go to Settings then Security, then Encrypt Device or Encryption

Encrypt both SD and data on phone

Turn off Untrusted Source App install

Go to Settings then Security Unknown Sources uncheck

Lower your phone's sleep timeout
Settings then Display. Under the Sleep
Disable cloud-based backup

Go to Settings then Backup & Reset,

switch off the option to Back up my data.

Adjust Google's in-built services

Go to Google Settings

Limit google Add Tracking

Go to Google Settings Ads, Opt out of interest-based ads

Go to Google Settings Connected Apps Verify you are good with all listed

Finely-tune (or turn off) your location and location history

Go to Google Settings Location

Turn off this Device (consider managing Activities) Delete Location History

Also, can be reached by Settings then Location

Turn off Google Now (ok Google)

Go to Google Settings Search then select Voice then select OK Google

Prevent passwords from being uploaded to Google

Go to Google Settings Smart Lock for Passwords.

Limit your lock screen notifications

Go to Settings then Sound & Notifications, When device is locked or Notifications on Lock Screen –Hide notification content

Make sure you keep Android up-to-date

by going to Settings then About phone (or About tablet), then head to System updates.

Or System Update on Samsung

Enable device-erase function to protect data

Settings then Security, (must have your screen lock enabled), turn on Automatically Wipe

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